Iā€™m a freelance designer based in Kona, Hawaii

And I have experience working with clients of all sizes ā€“ from local businesses to large brands, including the Smithsonian, Google, IBM, GE, Visa, AT&T, the US Army, and National Geographic. I've previously worked in the DC, Raleigh, and Asheville areas before moving to the Big Island.

Here's what I can do.

Here's what I can do.

Web Development

Need a website?

I have experience in a wide variety of web-work including websites, WordPress CMS, video players,
& web banners.

I can help you with the full process of creating your site, from concept to creation. And since mobile & tablet use is constantly growing,
I can also make sure your site is fully functional on any device.

Graphic Design

I'll make you look good

With over 14 years of experience,
I can deliver eye-catching designs
to help effectively communicate your message.

I can design graphics for web projects, logos, posters, business cards, letterheads, brochures, invites, album covers, as well as
fulfill any other design needs you may have.

Motion Graphics

Set your message in motion

Motion graphics is an effective way to catch your audience's attention.

I can deliver dynamic animations that will bring your message to life.

Video Camerawork

Quality video without the cost

You don't need a team of people for professional video production. I can help you create compelling video at a much lower cost than a studio.

I've shot footage of scientists and researchers at the Smithsonian, Representatives of the House on Capitol Hill, Newt Gingrich, & the Turkish Embassy.

Video Editing

Tell a story

Along with camerawork, I'll edit that footage to craft a compelling message or story.

And well-designed text & visual effects will give your video a professional polish.

Sound Design

Get ready to rock

With 15+ years as a musician, I can create custom audio and sound effects for your video. I can also improve the overall sound of any existing audio you may have.

And I can help you find quality,
low-priced stock music ā€“ or compose custom music like I did with National Geographic.